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When/how can I reach the Front-Commerce support team?
When/how can I reach the Front-Commerce support team?

Every Front-Commerce customer and partners have access to our support team. This article explains why you may want to contact it, and how.

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This article summarizes the different channels you can contact us, depending on your context:


Several of our support resources are publicly available. You can explore them and maybe get some answers right away.

Learn more about it in the Self-serve support article.

I want to know more about the product and evaluate it

You don't yet have access to our codebase or other communication channels with our support team.

At this stage, our Sales team is the more accurate to efficiently answer your concerns.

It can:

  • answer high level questions about our architecture, technical stack, product features, supported platforms, roadmap…

  • schedule a meeting to present our product in-depth

  • schedule a technical meeting with our CTO or members from our core team

  • open a trial so you can get access to our codebase and support team (see below)

I'm evaluating the product

You got access to our codebase, so you could evaluate Front-Commerce and start getting your hands dirty!

Our goal is to be reactive and answer any questions you may have.
We invited you to a dedicated Slack channel: this is the best channel to use to get a quick and human feedback.

We believe that evaluating a product is also a good way to evaluate the quality of its documentation and Self-serve support.

You might thus want to browse our documentation or Knowledge base.
In this case, use our Live-chat widget to get support and ask questions in context, from the page your struggling to understand.

📲 No matter how you ask for support, in this context we often appreciate jumping into a call and doing a quick screensharing session to answer all questions you may have. Don't hesitate to ask!

I'm an integrator building a new project with Front-Commerce

When building a new project, your team might have more frequent questions:

  • get details about a feature

  • support to validate your implementation choice or help with how to organize your code

  • question about the best way to do X with Front-Commerce

  • a cryptic error message you're facing

Our roadmap and beta releases might be important for you and the feedback loop must be shorter.

That is the reason why we open a Slack channel for projects during their build phase.

You can seek support using:

I'm an integrator maintaining a Front-Commerce project in production

When your project is live, you will keep adding new features and upgrade Front-Commerce to its latest versions.

You may also find bugs or suggest concrete improvements to our product.

The available channels at this stage are:

I'm a Front-Commerce Cloud customer

If your project is on Front-Commerce Cloud, you may also have requests related to production or development environment issues or access management.

Channels for this kind of support are similar to the ones available for Front-Commerce related messages.

We internally have different SLAs and processes to ensure production outages are detected and pro-actively solved before other less critical items.

ℹ️ On infra and blocking issues: GTI 1h, GTR 4h

99,99% availability

You should contact us using:

I'm a merchant using a Front-Commerce storefront

Your storefront is running on Front-Commerce. You have some features or detect some issues.

The best contact for your questions remains the integrator working on your project.

They know better how to qualify your question or bug.

If needed, they will themselves contact our support so we can help troubleshooting the issue.

Together, we could also schedule a call to discuss about some features and our roadmap.

The Front-Commerce Slack Workspace

You can join the Front-Commerce Slack Workspace, no matter the situation you are in!

As part of the Front-Commerce community, you will be able to:

  • Access the latest news on the product with the channel #announcements

  • Ask the community for help using the channel #need-help

  • Share and access news of the community using the channel #links-news

More to come regarding the community, stay tuned!

In case of doubt, just ask!

We won't be angry if you contact us. So in doubt:

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